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Connections are important. Here are statements from people I have worked with. I enjoy building relationships with people inside and outside of the office walls.

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Larry Wong


VP Sales & Marketing

As a Recruiter I have seen literally thousands of online design portfolio's - only to be sadly dissappointed. Each of my clients have one thing in common when it comes to hiring. That is....they all want the best. Unfortunately, I can only count with less than 5 fingers how many great web designers I've found and represented in my career. And, Lisa is one of the best Designers in town! She's a great listener, a consummate professional, and her portfolio bespeak a high level of experience and expertise. The bottom line, she's a "slam dunk." I am happy to give her my highest recommendation.

Eyal Yechezkell


Snackable Media

Lisa is an exceptional art director and senior interactive designer. Her contribution was key to several of our most successful products and websites. Lisa can take any concept and translate it into great design but she excels in making great concepts even better once she starts working on them. I highly recommend Lisa for any company or individual that’s looking for an art director with an entrepreneurial vision and at the same time a great team player.

Mike McCabe

VP of Creative

Snackable Media

When I first hired Lisa, she failed to tell us that she wasn't mac fluent, yet she was up and running on the first day. Fast is an understatement with everything else we threw at her. An amazing talent, Lisa is able to go from concept to completion efficiently and with a smile. Her instinct for direct marketing design is always dead on and she usually nails it on the first try. She works well under pressure, is well enjoyed by her peers, and is an extremely hard worker. I highly endorse her as an asset to any company she works at in the future.

Glenn Gabe


G-Squared Interactive

Lisa Chin has been assisting my development team for over a year and I couldn’t be happier with her work, professionalism, and attention to detail. I’ve had dozens of freelancers work on our interactive projects over the past 10 years and most don’t live up to their billing. They are either too slow, too creative for their own good, too expensive, or lack worth ethic. Lisa is the complete opposite of what I just explained… She works fast, is super-creative, and follows direction extremely well. Lisa uses her natural skill and talent to design business-focused creative that rivals big-time agency work. So please, don’t hire her too often so we can!

Frank Lignons


Nothing But Noni, Inc

As a business owner swamped with the countless details and challenges that every day presents, Lisa Chin is a Godsend. Her ability to translate my advertising and marketing ideas into beautiful designs is unparalleled. In fact, her extraordinary level of professionalism and creativity has allowed my small firm to compete with billion dollar companies who i'm sure have gigantic design budgets. She's such a delight to work with that i hesitate to even write this testimonial knowing that when you hire her she'll have less time for me!

Rajeev Chennattu


Westchester Property Tax Reduction

Lisa did a great job of getting our website launched. As you may know, the ability to rightly understanding one's imagination of anything and converting that understanding into a viable service or product make one stand out from the rest. Lisa did that for us in help developing our website and launching it in a matter of few days! Lisa know how the end users act, behave and process content that is available to them on the net in formulating their buying decisions. I recommend Lisa for her web marketing skills.

Chrissy Fleming

Product Manager

Snap Interactive

Not only is Lisa a knowledgeable designer with an impressive range of styles and abilities, she also brings some serious marketing savvy and team leadership to the table. I had the pleasure of working with Lisa to completely re-brand "Are You Interested's" image and could not have done so without her understanding of branding and marketing paired with her up-front, tell-it-like-it-is manner. She can work quickly and always seems to have 20 things on her plate...and getting done. On top of all this, Lisa is one of those glue people every team needs to give it a sense of identity and larger purpose. She is the one that gets people out of the office for lunch, or staying in touch over time. She can bring very different personalities together in a way that makes the office a better place to be. I hope I have the chance to work with her again.

David Sorkin

Sr. App Developer

Snackable Media

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Lisa on a number of projects at Snackable Media. Besides being extremely talented and hard-working, she’s always up for a new challenge and delivers beyond expectations. Lisa is a team player and seems to take on even the most complicated, high pressure task with ease. She is an outstanding leader and I'm confident that she would be a considered an asset to any organization that she chooses to work for. I would enjoy working with Lisa again and would confidently recommend her for any position that she pursues.

Terance Thatch

Mobile & Social Media Dev

Snackable Media

If you’re looking for a creative art director please ask me about Lisa. She is an extraordinary designer. I worked with Lisa at Snackable Media on some exciting projects included TvTxtr's Deal or No Deal and VH1 GuessSMS. Lisa always came up with something that made me look good. Lisa is a well-rounded individual who provides valuable thinking to any account. She has a knack for strategy, a strong understanding of the creative process and a great sense of humor that kept everyone smiling.

Aaron Venn

Art Director & Dev

Nextweb Media

Lisa is a breath of fresh air in the dime a dozen designer smog of NYC. Her personality alone is a 10 and she backs it up with superb creative talent and a big ol' grin :D

Anne Campbell

Marketing Manager

Snackable Media

I have worked with Lisa on many design projects at Snackable Media. She is an innovative thinker and talented designer. Lisa produces fresh & eye catching direct marketing pieces & she would be an asset to any Creative team.

Maksim Petriv

Senior Interactive Designer

Nextweb Media

I worked with Lisa on many projects and she always delivered great work. She's a talented designer, diligent worker and always came through, even under the most challenging working situations - she gets things done in half the time and gives you twice what you asked for.

Vlad Rukiter

Art Director

Nextweb Media

A multi-facetted, multidisciplinary art director, I've never seen an assignment where Lisa doesn't bring strong and original conceptual thinking to the table. A team member in the truest sense of the word, not only is Lisa an incredible creative collaborator, but her positive attitude and sense of humor make her a blast to work with. She'd be an asset to any agency.

Al Galimberti

Director of Mobile

Snackable Media

Lisa has contributed creative assets (e.g..: websites, landing pages) for several of the products I manage at Snackable Media and she's been nothing but a pleasure to work with. She is talented, insightful, enthusiastic and timely on deliveries and, quite as importantly, she has a gift for creating a positive atmosphere around her which is invaluable when you work on demanding projects and under tough deadlines.

Vivian Zhou

Product Lead

Snackable Media

Lisa is a dedicated hardworking designer that I could depend on for creative digital design solutions. She is an enthusiastic and creative individual with strong visual design skills. Lisa is eager to build relationships within the company and is easy to work with. She has shown attention to detail and focus while under stressful deadlines. Lisa has the talent, vision, and creativity that would benefit any company.

John Howells

Sr. Art Director

Snackable Media

Lisa always gets it done with cleverness, originality, and outstanding creativity. With a bubbly personality and an infectious laugh, she's also one of the hardest-working art directors I've met and always strives for excellence in everything she does.

Aaron Kruglyak

Interactive Designer

Snackable Media

Lisa was a great art director on several projects with me at Snackable. She has great creative vision and is always looking to learn and expand her skill set. Lisa would be a great asset on any creative team for her ideas, her energy and her experience.

Ales Pistili

Director of Mobile

Snackable Media

Lisa is a rare talented, creative and passionate professional. Add social and team skills and you've got the idea. She's a perfect asset whether you're looking to bring your team or your brand to the next level.

Jason Dove

Front-End Developer

Snap Interactive

Lisa is so good at photoshop that she can make Mother Theresa look like Joseph Stalin.

Ann Sterman


Classical Acupuncture

Working with Lisa was effortless. She immediately understood what I wanted and then expanded on it brilliantly in many ways with a great deal of savvy. The result was beyond what I imagined possible.

Jack Daley



Having been working with Lisa for more than a year, we always find her to be reliable, fast and efficient in the true cosmic fashion.

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