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Hands on. Hands off. If there's a train to move, I can do it myself or I can orchestrate a team to help. It is about getting everybody to the destination the smartest most efficient way while having fun.

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VISUAL web & user interface

Twitter Redesign Concept

A redesign of Twitter to be more branded, modern, and focused on the individuality of the tweets and their authors.

AYI Redesign

AYI is a place where you can find single friend of friends who share common interests. Here is my redesign of the homepage.

Elite Dental Site

A dental site created using color to strengthen brand and the expectation that the office is clean and modern.

Direct Marketing Work

When you need to be in your face, there's always Direct Marketing. Here's some hot examples you need to see right now.

E-Commerce Sites

View a collection of e-commerce apparel sites I designed and front-end developed while working at ClassicCloseouts.

Email Campaigns

At ClassicCloseouts, I would create three campaigns a week from scratch which we designed and front-end coded.

user experience

DigitalOcean UX Audit

A UX overhaul of the DigitalOcean admin interface to see if I could eliminate points of confusion and make it better.

Crowdtap Interview UX Assignment

I was asked to overhaul the user experience for the Crowdtap member site as a design exercise for my interview.

Crowdtap Client Dashboard

A massive overhaul of the Crowdtap Client Dashboard was a UX nightmare, originally designed by developers and then continually Frankensteined by each additional feature later jammed into it.

Crowdtap Style Guide

Style guides create consensus amongst teams and makes production more efficient and faster. I established the style guide at Crowdtap and created this website as a universal resource.

mobile and web app

Crowdtap Phoenix App

Designed and helped develop a mobile experience based off of the Crowdtap website to make missions easier and more engaging.

Celebrity Squared App

This was a fun app that I designed while at Snackable Media for people who liked celebrity trivia.

Cameo App Concept

I designed this app concept for the video service Cameo, where you can film and edit on the fly.

Winzi App

I designed this app while at Snackable Media. It was meant to drive users to sign up in the hopes of winning prizes.

AYI Dating App

Are You Interested was a place where you could meet friends with similar interests. Here is the app we designed to make that easier.



My concept design for Birchbox's year end product card for their monthly box celebrating their new logo.

Business Cards

Here are a collection of business cards I've designed in the past.



KidCash was my first business. I got it produced, marketed and made it to television! The best part is that it works.


My current side project Pepperizer which is a monthly contest that challenges creative people to focus on a single word to help us understand each other better.

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